Why Did The Sports Ministry Make Public The NBBF Reconciliation Committee Report On Election Day?

Why Did The Sports Ministry Make Public The NBBF Reconciliation Committee Report On Election Day?

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The Recommendations made by the NBBF Reconciliation Committee set up by the Ministry of Youth and Sports Development Revealed.

In view of the documents presented to the Committee and after various consultations with stakeholders, this “NIGERIAN BASKETBALL FEDERATION” surmise its findings and make the following recommendations to the Honourable Minster for Youth & Sports Development, Federal Republic of Nigeria:

(1) There is only one approved statute for the NBBF. That is the 2019 NBBF Statutes adopted by Congress at the Annual General Meeting of NBBF on 13th April 2019. FIBA did not approve the 2017 draft statutes;

(2) The NBBF Elective Congress should be convened and held within the framework provided by the 2019 NBBF Statutes;

(3) The power to amend the 2019 NBBF Statutes lies in the NBBF Congress. Therefore, proposal(s) to amend the 2021 NBBF Statutes should be placed before NBBF Congress to determine the propriety or otherwise of such proposal;

(4) FIBA’s letter to the FMY&SD, the NOC and NBBF all of 19th November 2021, respectively, should be complied with. Accordingly:

(i) There should be no amendment of the 2019 NBBF Statutes before the Elective Congress of the NBBF;

(ii) Elections shall be held on or before 31st January 2021.

(5) Any amendment to the 2019 NBBF Statutes, if at all any, should be proposed and considered AFTER the Elective Congress of the NBBF has taken place and a new board elected for NBBF;

(6) In the interest of peace, inclusiveness and harmony in the basketball community, the Electoral Committee should be encouraged to extend the window for nominations to allow interested person(s) to take up nomination forms and participate in the elections;

(7) The NBBF Elective Congress should be convened with urgent dispatch, bearing in mind the need for a new NBBF board to order preparations for any impending competition/qualifiers;

(8) From some of the utterances of athletes and NBBF officials in the course of the dispute that has plagued the NBBF, a Code of Conduct for officials, players, and other relevant persons involved in the administration of Basketball in Nigeria, has become necessary; and

(9) A Court of Arbitration in Sports has become imperative to bring matters of this nature to a quick resolution as the crisis in basketball appears to have lingered due to the absence of formal sports dispute resolution channels.


  1. With the foregoing analyses of issues in the NBBF and recommendations above, the work of this Committee is concluded. Members of the Committee individually and collectively express their gratitude to the Honourable Minister for Youth and Sports Development for the opportunity to serve in their respective roles.
  2. Notwithstanding the challenges that beset our work, the Committee remained undeterred from its mandate and resolved to follow it through and make consequential recommendations to the FMY&SD. It is hoped that the recommendations in this report will, at the very least, start the NBBF on the part to eventual resolution of the lingering dispute. Thank you.

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