14 Coaches, Players Participate in Rivers State Teqball Association Exhibition Games

14 Coaches, Players Participate in Rivers State Teqball Association Exhibition Games

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By Amaechi Agbo

No fewer than 14 persons made up of coaches and players participated in the Rivers State Teqball Association exhibition games held last week in the state’s capital, Port Harcourt, Bestchoicesports.com.ng can report

According to the chairman, Rivers State Teqball Association, Dr Chukwuemeka Agi, he told Nigeria Teqball Federation Media Department that the competition was primarily aimed at creating awareness about the new but interesting style of football.

Rivers State TEQBALL Association Cahriman, Dr Chukwuemeka Agi

Dr Agi who is a consultant with Rivers State University, expressed optimism that with enthusiasm shown by the participants, the beautiful game of Teqball is rapidly evolving in Nigeria.

“Last week we had exhibition games right here in Port Harcourt. It was a training programme we organised to create awareness about the beautiful game of Teqball in the state.”

“It was just an exhibition game to get a few persons who are quite adept at what the rules are and then how to play and then interchange positions.”

“We had 14 persons including coaches and few players who took part in the exercise and they were quite happy about it.

“You know that Teqball is a non-contact sport and we are creating awareness about this unique kind of football in the state” he said

He further spoke of plans of the Association to reach out to the Rivers State Government and OlympAfrica on the need for sponsorship and creation of more awareness about Teqball in the state.

“On Wednesday, however, we will be having a meeting of Directors of Olympic Africa, so that I’ll be able to talk and make our request and see if we can have some funds to increase our activities.

“I have written a letter I want to submit to the Rivers State Ministry of Sports intimating them of the benefits of having a Teqball table. If they buy into it, they can also get tables, that will help us increases the awareness.”

TEQBALL players in action

“So, what we need to do is with people like you journalists, there are journalists in Port Harcourt as well, our secretary is a journalist of course; but there were also journalists that were trying to get in to enable us publicise it as much as possible.”

“I think soon Teqball will catch up because it is quiet fun to play. We are doing our beats to ensure the growth of Teqball in the state and trusting God, the State Government, individuals and corporate entities, we will go a long way.”

“We are also considering other options with regards to acquiring tables as resources now are limited. The funds we use for this one we did, we made contributions by ourselves. We hope that when the university opens and Olympic Africa comes on, we can be able to get some funds.”

“Do not forget that sponsorship is key to every sport but we cannot be talking about sponsorship now when a large percentage of Nigerians are not aware of this unique but fascinating sport.”

“However, we are not leaving anything to chances, we are looking for corporate entities that can partner with us but as I said, the key issue now is awareness creation, letting the people know about the sport especially at the grassroots levels.” He added.

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