An Open Letter To Nigeria Minister Of Youth And Sports

An Open Letter To Nigeria Minister Of Youth And Sports

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Dear Mr Sunday Dare,

It is with utmost respect and with great humility, I am writing this letter, to first, appreciate you for a job well done since you were appointed Nigeria’s minister of youth and sports.

 I must say, that I am one of your biggest fans. My position has not changed and will not change.

I have followed your antecedents even before you became Nigeria sports minister and I knew from day one, that President Mohammadu Buhari has given Nigeria, a minister blessed with the intelligence and wisdom to excel in a ministry like sports, where the good, the bad and the ugly thrives.

So far, you have not performed below anyone’s expectation as the accolades keep coming with every passing day.

However, the Anambra state football crisis, is looking more dicey by the day and we are disturbed that despite your directives, the electoral committee with full support from the state government and the Nigeria football federation are getting closer to conducting fresh elections in the state. This to me, is disrespecting constituted authorities.

A meeting held at your office on Monday this week to resolve the lingering crisis in the state football association, left many with high hopes but till this day, we are surprised that the ministry is yet to come out with their verdict after consulting with all the parties involved.

This delay has brought up lots of insinuations and assumptions, knowing the antecedents of the NFF and the extent at which they go to manipulate justice.

I have always trusted your judgements and I have been at the forefront of promoting your good work. I will want to believe sir, that this delay has nothing to do with pressure from anyone or group, rather it is as a result of your determination, to look at this matter meticulously in a bid to finding a lasting solution.

As much as I and other journalists that are committed to seeing the end of this crisis, are willing to be patient and calm in the midst of these uncertainties, we are appealing that you use your good office to resolve this crisis amicably in the best interest of Nigeria football.

Please see this letter as a sincere appeal from a curious friend and read the content with a free mind.

I remain loyal and hopeful

Sporting Regards


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