Kickback Event Organises Training For Nigerians On Self Defense Against Social Vices

Kickback Event Organises Training For  Nigerians On Self Defense Against Social Vices

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By Our Correspondent

Kickback Event has concluded plans to train a large number of vulnerable Nigerians on how they can use sport to defend themselves against rape, kidnapping, robbery and other social vices.

‘Kickback Free Cash Course For Women and Children’ is a free training course organised to reduce the rising vices in Nigeria by training the vulnerable on how to defend themselves against people of underworld, rapists and kidnappers.

Coordinator, Kickback Event , Mr Steve Joseph while speaking with BSN Sports in Abuja says the initiative was borne out of finding a lasting solution to reduce the serial killing, raping, kidnapping and other vices taking place across the country.

He believed that if a large number of the vulnerable can be trained on how to defend themselves from any of these vices, then, the problem is half solved.

“We started this a year ago, and it was borne out of the incessant rise in raping, kidnapping, robbery and other vices. We want a society where children and women cannot be easily raped, robbed or kidnapped and that’s why we train more women and children because they’re the most vulnerable. For now, we have been doing it by ourselves. We have written to a lot of people and organization but none of them have actually get back to us. We are happy today that the Ministry of Women Affairs sent a Deputy Director to come and speak with us. We are encouraged by this gesture and it shows we are not alone in this. We need people to come out and partner with us because we want to get this to the rural areas where we have records of domestic violence and gender abuse. We really want to spread across all cities in Nigeria.”

Also present at the training center in Abuja, the Minister of Women Affairs who was represented by the Director, Child Development, Mr. Ali Andrew, says he is impressed with what he saw adding that the initiative go in line with the Ministry’s project and assured the facilitators of the their support and collaboration.

“I am happy to be here and be part of the initiative because this is in tandem with the real mandate of the Ministry of Women Affairs. When I saw how the women and children are being trained today on how to defend themselves, I knew that this is a project the ministry must key into because if they can defend themselves then the issue of sexual based violence will be reduced to the bearest minimum in the society. I am highly impressed with what I saw, if all the vulnerable can be trained on how to defend themselves, I am sure half of the problem of sexual abuse, kidnapping will be solved.”

Kickback event has instructors who train children, women and men on how to use combat sport like karate, others to defend oneself from social vices.

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