You Can’t Deduct Our Points – Kano Pillars Dare NFF, Heads To Appeals

You Can’t Deduct Our Points – Kano Pillars Dare NFF, Heads To Appeals

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Ahead of the penultimate matches if the 2022 Nigeria Professional Football League, NPFL season, Kano Pillars FC have stated emphatically that the NFF Disciplinary Committee has no justification whatsoever to deduct its accruing points following the fiasco that followed its match with Dakkada FC in Kano.

In a statement immediately after the decisions of the NFF Disciplinary Committee were made public on Friday, the Saimaisugida exponents said they welcomed the decision of the Nigeria football federation Disciplinary Committee in uphelding the results and final outcomes of the matches played between Kano Pillars Fc vs Katsina Utd Fc and Kano Pillars Fc vs Dakkada int’l Fc of Uyo which were the ONLY subject matters of the appeals concerning pillars Fc before the commitee. These decisions of the committee, they said are clearly in accordance to the NPFL Rules and framework and other international football rules and regulations (IFAB Laws of the game).

They however, absolutely REJECT the decision of the committee to impose/activate a suspended 3 point deduction on the club over an issue/matter (alleged/purported destruction of Dakkada int’l FC Camera) which was never the Subject of the Appeal before the NFF DC and has no correlation/similarity to the suspended 3 point deduction imposed on Kano Pillars Fc after the katsina Utd fc match unfornate incidents at Sani Abacha Stadium kofar in Kano on April 16th 2022.

They said based on these facts, that Kano Pillars FC have APPEALED this particular decision to the Nigeria football federation Appeal Committee.

They said their basis of appealing this decision of 3 points deduction includes:

Kano Pillars Fc vs Dakkada int’l Fc Match was played strictly under close door with no fans with only the two teams, FA officials and some media present and there was no any break of law and order or fans disruption in the stadium bar the isolated incident involving the Former kano Pillars Fc chairman Alhaji Surajo Shaaibu Yahaya Jambul and AR1.

Kano Pillars are not aware of any damage Camera from Dakkada int’l Fc and there was no any report to the match officials or LMC during or after the match that pillars Fc have been put on notice for regarding any damaged camera of Dakkada int’l FC.

Indeed the summary jurisdiction dated June 25, 2022 issued by the LMC after the Pillars match with Dakkada and in consideration of the reports of the League management company situation room and official match reports submitted by the match officials has no mention of any damage of Camera from Dakkada FC and Pillars Fc were never charged with any such breach.

Indeed it was this summary jurisdiction of June 25, 2022 and specifically the upholding of the match result at 1-0 in accordance to the official match reports and relevant football regulations that was the subject of the appeal before the NFF DC.

The former League champions therefore, accused the Nigeria Football Federation Disciplinary Committee going beyond the appeal, thereby introducing a fresh matter.

It could be recalled that the NFF Disciplinary Committee had on Friday 8 July upheld the results of the match between Kano Pillars and Dakkada, even though there were different reports on the match report by the referees and match commissioner. The Committee went ahead to suspend the Match Commissioner, Center referee and Assistant Referee 1.

With this deduction, Kano Pillars will be 19th on the 20 team league with 42 points.

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