Hermoso’s Kiss: Spanish Women Players Sign Petition Not To Play Again Unless FA President Resigns

Hermoso’s Kiss: Spanish Women Players Sign Petition Not To Play Again Unless FA President Resigns

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By Vitus Michael

The 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup winners, Spain players have signed petition not to play again for the country until the football federation President Resigns from his position with 81 players signing a letter to that effect.

Spain’s maiden Women’s World Cup triumph on Sunday in Australia after a 1-0 win against England, has been overshadowed by the Royal Spanish Football Federation, RFEF President, Mr Luis Rubiales kissing forward Jenni Hermoso during the celebration

Although Mr Rubiales had denied any wrong doing claiming that the kiss was “Mutual, euphoric and consensual,” Hermoso have denied the claim saying the reverse is the case.

The Spanish government started legal proceedings seeking to suspend the 46-year-old, while FIFA has also launched disciplinary proceedings.

Rubiales had been widely expected to resign at an extraordinary general assembly of RFEF on Friday but instead said “I don’t deserve this manhunt”.

“It was a spontaneous kiss. Mutual, euphoric and consensual. That’s the key. A consensual ‘peck’ is enough to get me out of here?” He said.

In a statement released by players’ union FUTPRO, it quoted Hermoso, saying”I want to clarify, that at no time did I consent to the kiss. I don’t tolerate that my word is questioned, much less that words are invented that I haven’t said.”

The statement was signed by a host of players, including all 23 members of the squad which just won the World Cup.

It read: “After everything that happened during the delivery of medals of the Women’s World Cup, we want to state that all the players who sign this letter will not return to a call for the national team if the current leaders continue.”

Spain’s next game is against Sweden in the Nations League on 22 September.

Borja Iglesias, who plays for Real Betis, said earlier on Friday he would not play for the men’s national team again while Rubiales is in charge.

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